Spilled Milk Critique.

Haley Donaghy


This is the first time I have listened to a podcast, and I wanted to do my review on the Spilled Milk episode, 156, Carrots. The first thing that impressed me was their ability to actually talk about a seemingly bland subject

I was impressed by the fact that they like carrots for 25 minutes straight, while only straying from the subject a couple of times. were able to be so constant, I’m sure they had a script, but the way Mathew and Molly talked to each other made the conversation sound so natural. It sounded like a conversation that I could have with my best friends.

There was also a surprising amount of information about different recipes and ways to eat carrots. Like a full carrot salad recipe, and more. They even threw in a weird little thing at the end about “holiday carrot pudding” which they didn’t get time to talk about but made a joke and left a link for us to check it out on our own, which I did. It was cool that they were able to add so much of this because it did seem like the podcast was full of joke and silliness too. This made it entertaining to listen to. Some of the joke were even informational, like in the beginning they were laughing about an alternative name for carrots, “early horn.”

They did go on a pretty funny rant for a couple of minutes about how baby carrots are not as good as real carrots, I actually liked this because it shows that the show is not only about being silly and talking about random things, but that they are actually concerned with heath, and the real issue of GMO and overly processed vegetables, and probably other foods as well.


Jezebel Review!

The blog I chose to do my review on was Jezebel. It seemed interesting to me because I had heard it was about feminism, however I was a little disappointed. I almost felt like the blog was giving women a bad name! The blog did have some interesting articles, but most of it just seemed to be celebrity gossip, and bullshit.

I felt like this blog presented women in negative way, only confirming misconceptions and jokes that people already have about women, it makes it seem like all we are interested in is celebrity gossip, and gynecology appointments. I really don’t care that Kim Kardashian and Cortney love have the same gynecologist, I really don’t. 11881666_730751397057824_1521791955_nI would have loved to see more about real feminist issues. I saw almost nothing about violence against women, or anorexia, which should both be very important issues to any feminist. Maybe I would have if I had really searched for a while, but the first few articles were just really un-appealing and un-interesting to me.

After going back and looking at the blog a couple of days later I did see some more real stories, but I would have liked to see more. I still feel like I might as well just be reading a people magazine.